Two great ways to Save on ICP and ICP-MS Standards


isoSPEC® ICP and ICP-MS single element 1,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm standards are now guaranteed to be in stock, readily available from our Mississauga inventory  for immediate shipment.  If we cannot ship your order directly from stock, we will supply any non-stock standard FREE, no exceptions.

Standards are guaranteed to be in stock at 100ml, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes. Smaller and larger sizes may be available upon request.

Download a List of all In-Stock Solutions (.pdf)

isoSPEC-ICP Standards Flyer (.pdf)

Also … Order any ICP nebulizer, torch, spray chamber or ICP accessory with a minimum $250.00 value and receive a FREE 100ml of single element 1,000 ppm isoSPEC® standard or a FREE pack of standard 2 stop pump tubing.




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FlipMate Filtration Systems

For use with water, soil and dirty samples are now available for filtration of 50mL and 100mL samples.

PLUS, they are now bundled in money-saving Systems.
FlipMate Systems include FlipMate filter assemblies and disposable digestion cups and caps.
FlipMate Filtration Systems offer a fast, effective method for filtering samples.
– Thread FlipMate Filter Assembly onto digestion cup containing sample.
– Thread an additional empty digestion cup onto FlipMate.
– Invert entire system, attach vacuum source and apply vacuum.

Your sample will be drawn through the filter assembly into the empty cup in a few seconds. Filtration speed will vary depending on sample consistency. FlipMate Systems are available in two sizes with several filter options.

FlipMates can be used with most 12 position manifolds or a hand operated vacuum pump. FlipMate Flyer.pdf
FlipMate 50 Systems (200/pk) comes with:
200 FlipMate Filter Assemblies
400 SC475 50mL Digestion Cups
200 Caps.
FlipMate 100 Systems (100/pk) comes with:
100 FlipMate Filter Assemblies
200 SC490 100mL Digestion Cups
100 Caps.
FlipMate 50 Systems – pk/200
SC0601C FlipMate .45 um PES c/w Pre-Filter
SC0602C FlipMate 1.5um Glass Fibre c/w Pre-Filter
FlipMate 100 Systems – 100pk
SC0301C FlipMate .45 um PES c/w Pre-Filter
SC0302C FlipMate 1.5 um Glass Fibre c/w Pre-Filter
SC0303C FlipMate .2um PEs c/w Pre-filter
SC0304C FlipMate .7um Acid Washed Filter
SC0306C FlipMate Acid Washed Filter >10 um

Filter Assemblies and Digestion Cups are also sold separately.


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Rebates on used Platinum Cones

For our many ICP-MS customers, we are pleased to attach information regarding our new rebate program and higher reclaim values for used platinum cones. Please click Platinum Reclaim Values to view at your convenience. Please do not hesitate to complete the rebate form or contact our customer service department  if you wish to return cones from any manufacturer to Delta Scientific for a credit to be used against future purchases. We also offer a refurbishment program on all platinum cones purchased through Delta Scientific.


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Online Catalogue Now Available

bottlesVisit our new Online Catalogue List to view Canadian pricing for over 120,000 competitively priced items including general lab chemicals, consumables and equipment from over 500 vendors.


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