Tubes as Thin as Fine Thread

Tubes with an outer diameter as small as 0.15mm are available from Goodfellow in lengths ranging from a fraction of a metre to large production runs. The 0.15mm OD tube is 99.95% gold and has an inner diameter of 0.05mm.

Goodfellow-logoIn addition to gold, there are 37 pure metal, alloy, and polymer ultra-thin tubes (OD ≤0.5mm) available from Goodfellow stock, as well as a wide range of tubes in larger diameters and in other materials. Custom fabrication is also often available upon request.

Applications for ultra-thin tubes are many, and often relate to the need for greater miniaturization, lighter weight or flow restriction. For additional information, visit our comprehensive Goodfellow Online Price List  or call us toll free at 877-427-7837 to talk with a customer service rep.