What our customers have to say!

We are pleased to share some recent comments and feedback we have received from our customers across Canada.

Thanks for follow up and all the feed back…………..Your follow up and service deserve a compliment and I am pleased how you look after us when we really need you to back up the product.

I ordered a torch from you recently. The item arrived promptly, in good order, and the torch looks better than the original torch – edges are clean and unblemished.

Your service is awesome. FYI: other companies call me so often , they send me referrals from other customers to try and  get my orders. They do not like to hear it when I tell them what kind of service Delta gives me.

We’ve received them and they are already in the instrument.  Everyone is amazed that they got here so quick! ……….Note:  Rapid and excellent service.

Thank you very much for all your support in this July study! You are great! A thousand thanks.

That’s great and just the sort of music we like to hear ahead of our ISO audit. Congratulations on closing this one.

We received all the Vial and Caps. Too let you know the new ones are working just great. Thanks for doing that for us, your customer service is much appreciated.


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